About Me

Attorney Lizana is the great grandson of T.J. Huddleston Sr. (featured in photograph below), a prominent African American entrepreneur and community leader who is famous for having built the first black hospital in the State of Mississippi, and who is also proudly remembered as the founder of the Afro-American Sons and Daughters Grand Lodge.  Attorney Lizana is an Adjunct Professor of Law at Western New England University School of Law, as well as an Adjunct Professor in Bay Path University’s Masters degree program in Higher Education Administration.   He is a frequent speaker and presenter at professional conferences and seminars on topics related to Higher Education Law, Employment Law, Discrimination, Diversity Management and EEO compliance.  Attorney Lizana is also a certified mediator who frequently mediates equity related disputes for the EEOC and other organizations.

Prior to joining UCONN, he worked as a Trial Attorney for the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), where he served for over 10 years litigating employment discrimination cases in the New England federal courts.  Attorney Lizana supervised federal investigators and conducted outreach activities for the agency. He received several awards and acknowledgments for his community outreach work and his negotiation of multi-million dollar settlements on behalf of victims of workplace  discrimination.  He litigated a number of important cases which have contributed to the development of sexual harassment law in the Second  Circuit.

Prior to Attorney Lizana's distinguished service with the EEOC, he worked as a Law Clerk for Justices of the Massachusetts Trial Court, the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination and the Civil Rights Division of the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office.  He is a former member of the University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees and has taught courses as an Adjunct Professor of Legal Studies at Post University and an Instructor at UMASS  Amherst and Roxbury Community College.  He is also a former Advisory Board member of the UMass Student Legal Services Office.   Attorney Lizana earned his B.A. from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and received his J.D. from Suffolk University Law School.