An Experienced Employment Lawyer Protecting Employees

Because the jobs we work provide for our families and loved ones, it can be particularly stressful to have your job threatened by an employer who violates your constitutional and statutory rights as an employee. It can be challenging trying to address workplace issues through your Human Resources department, but you can even the scales by calling an experienced employment lawyer like Attorney Lizana. 

A Pay Equity Specialist

Wage Theft, Overtime Scams and Gender discrimination in compensation remain serious problems in the workplace. Attorney Lizana has recovered millions of dollars in lost earnings for workers. Schedule a FREE Consultation today. (877) 443-0999


  • Former Trial Attorney for U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

  • Employment Law Professor, Western New England University Law School

  • Former Associate Vice President for Diversity and Equity at UCONN HEALTH

  • Nearly 20 years of Experience Litigating Employment matters