We have all heard the saying that an ounce of training is worth a pound of prevention. This is nice way to convey the idea that proactive training programs can save companies millions of dollars in employee turnover and legal fees. While this is largely true, the effectiveness of training is largely dependent on the trainer. Attorney Lizana is an Adjunct Professor of Law at Western New England University School of Law, as well as an Adjunct Professor in Bay Path University’s Master's degree program in Higher Education Administration. Attorney Lizana is a trained Adult Learning educator and is well versed in best teaching practices for Adult Learners. He is a frequent speaker and presenter at professional conferences and seminars on topics related to Higher Education Law, Employment Law, Discrimination, Diversity Management and EEO compliance. He is also a certified mediator who frequently mediates equity related disputes for the EEOC and other organizations. He has perfected an approach to inclusiveness training for adult learners that is both engaging and effective. Call Attorney Lizana to arrange for a FREE consultation to custom design an inclusiveness training for your organization.